Saturday, April 7, 2012

100 Words of Easter

Easter is more than candy, pastels, rabbits, baskets, and Easter dresses.

Night. Sweat. Blood. Betrayal. Arrested. Trial. Illegal. Mocked. Bureaucrats. Christ? Mob. Scourged. Thorns. Blood. Punched. Enough? Release? Crucify! Crucify! Crucify! Washed. Barabbas. Cross. Fallen. Simon. Carry. Hill. Golgotha. Cross. Nails. Hands. Feet. Thieves. Two. Father. Forgive. Remember. Paradise. Son. Mother. Forsaken? Thirst. Finished. Death. Spear. Blood. Water. Sky. Black. Earthquake. Dead. Rise. Fear. Torn. Centurion. Regret.

Borrowed. Tomb. Guards. Pharisees. Orders. Sealed. Secure. Morning. Women. Stone. Shook. Rolled. Angels. Light. Fear. Seek? Gone. Risen. Confused. Weep. Voice. Stranger. Who? Mary. Jesus!! Tell. Run. Risen. Life. Saved. Never. Alone. Forgiveness. Love. Grace. Savior. Jesus. Ask. Heart. Confess. Sin. Believe. Jesus. Lord.

I'm thankful it's so much more.

Much Love,

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