Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Lucky 7 Game

Great game I saw on Meredith Barnes Blog. Great blog to follow.

1. Go to the seventh or seventy-seventh page of WIP.
2. Count down seven lines.
3. Copy the seven sentences that follow and post them on your blog.
4. Tag seven other authors (on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr--up to you!).

Here we go!!!

This is my Young Adult novel, USERS. It focuses on the teenage drug subculture when a drug is introduced that gives them a superpower for 24 hours.

Bethany's glaring at someone or something behind me. I turn around and see Evie bat her eyes and wave at me. She's wearing a co-captain cheer shirt and a huge smile on her face.

"Well, if it isn't Adams High's very own celebrity couple," she says.

"What are you doing here?" Hisses Bethany.

"I'm following your boyfriend," she replies. "You see, I'm in love and I must confess it to him and the world."

Tag! You're it!!

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