Thursday, October 20, 2011

Just ten more minutes...

Hey Friends,

TWC started an annual playwright festival last year called the "Ten for Tenn Festival." It's the brain child of Eric Love, Theater Professor at TWC.

Here is the description of the contest: The festival features 10 performances of ten, 10-15 minute plays from or about Tennessee. It is a celebration of the Tennessee tradition of storytelling brought to the stage. Local and nationally known playwrights submitted plays which feature local student and community actors as directors.

I was honored to have been a winner last year and I'm blessed to be a winner again this year!

My play premieres tonight and will show this weekend and next.

It's a Dark Comedy called, "The Imaginaries." It's about a 30 year old business man who still has an imaginary friend...who hates him.

I'm pumped to see all the plays and the excitement that comes with it!!

Dr. Eric Love said this about the festival: "One of the great things about a ten minute play is that if you don’t like it, it’s already almost over! The next one will be something new that you probably will like. Every good storytell knows not to go on much longer than ten minutes.”


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