Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Love Wins

My play, Love Wins premiered this weekend. I was (and still very much am) in awe of the response. It was received with overwhelming acceptance. I am still so proud of the cast and all of their hard work. They busted their tails to put everything into this. They gave stellar performances with so much emotion and passion. The audiences were in tears at a few of the most heart-wrenching scenes as well as laughing at our moments of levity.

I'm not sure of the expectations held by our viewers but my hope is that we launched them all through the roof. I've had a day and a half to process this weekend and I'm tired just thinking about it. My lack of energy is second only to my excitement for what comes next. My tension is finally releasing (being built up for weeks). My body is fighting off sickness or prolonged stress (unsure which is the true culprit). Despite my issues, which number in the thousands, I'm looking forward to what happens now.

I'm continuing to receive encouragement and stories of how Love Wins impacted those who came to a showing. I'm humbled, honored, and blessed by every kind word said or written. The ability to create any story is amazing but creating one that impacts someone for good is...well...there isn't a word for it.

There is more to come with Love Wins and it doesn't stop there. Things are working behind the scenes and I can't wait to announce what is in store for the future.

I'll post cast interviews for the next few weeks so that everyone can obtain insight into some of the actors, characters, and whole process. First up will be Hannah Killian.

Huge thanks to everyone for all the support.

Until then here are some of the reviews Love Wins has received:

"That was awesome! Amazing doesn't even begin to describe how powerful the message is in Love Wins!" - Stephanie Ramsey

"Great job! As a child of divorced parents, and also part of a split family it really hits on all emotions involved!" - Anonymous

"It was a wonderful play! Coming out of divorce years ago, I know how it can emotionally affect someone. I was blessed to have grown much closer to God as a result of my experience with it. I still pray daily that I will be the best parent possible to my 8 year old daughter and teach her to rely on God when she struggles with the results/outcome of our divorce." - Anonymous

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