Monday, October 3, 2011

No means No...I think

Well, here I am. I seem to have the same thoughts that most people have when they start up their blog..."I'm starting up a blog?" My goal is update this weekly.

My wife loves animals...let me repeat that. My wife adooores animals, especially dogs. That's called will help you out later on in the story. We live near the church where I work. Actually we live across the parking lot from the church. It keeps things interesting. Well for some reason this Sunday, every dog in a 40 mile radius decided they wanted a little more information on Church membership. Maybe a cat forgave them for trying to eat it. Perhaps hitting that mid-life crisis of 6 has forced them to reflect on their choices. Whatever the reason, the dogs have been let out (tasteless pun, I know).

There were dogs jumping. Dogs barking. Dogs sniffing. Dogs playing, but no dogs fighting (sorry Mr. Vick). They were here all day! Our music minister handed them a hymnal, but alas, they prefer that contempary worship with the projection screens. Parents rushed out to avoid the dogs, while children rushed out to pet the dogs.

While the rest of the south was blasted with snow, we unfortunately were missed. *grumble-grumble* But being overlooked by snow does not mean we are left out of the single digit temperatures. We get the benefit of snow-like weather minus the snow and day off work. We thought all of the dogs went home to escape the cold weather. Well that would be a very wrong assumption. A momma-dog and her baby stayed behind to brave the cold outside of the church. They made their way into the courtyard to avoid the cold wind. They apparently were abandoned and left to fend on their own.

Now my wife (remember the foreshadowing?) saw them in the church parking lot on her way home. She circled the parking lot looking at them. I saw her as I fed our two cats (because only one would be lonely). The garage door raised, she pulled in her car, and...."Dear, did you see..."

"Yes dear I saw the dogs. No we can't keep them."

She paused, a little surprised that I saw her investigation. "Well can we feed them?"

"Yeah, that's fine."

So, off we go feeding Momma-Dog and her baby. We found them behind the church before visitation started. We tossed a couple of bowls of food on the ground and they ate it up like crazy! Kati was happy, they were happy, and I was happy to help out a couple of God's creatures.

As we walked back home my wife's desire to keep these two additions was pouring from her face. My response was a constant "No." Kati wanted to look for them last night so they wouldn't be cold. She has class tonight and I told her I would feed them if I saw them. My hope is that they will be gone. God of course has a grand sense of humor. They both came running as soon as I got back to the office. Kati wants to take them to the vet to get them checked out to make sure they are healthy and safe. I of course do not want anymore dogs, at least not two outside dogs.

I have to end this story because I must keep my word to Kati and go feed these two dogs. But I don't want anymore dogs. I really don't. Did I mention my wife loves animals. She adooooores animals, especially dogs....boy, I'm in trouble.

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