Thursday, October 20, 2011

Love Wins Interview: Alex Wright

Our next interview in our series comes from the snotty mean girl we all knew in high school, Mitzi Lewis, played by Alex Wright.


Writing on the Wall: How many plays have you been apart of before Love Wins?

Alex Wright: I have been apart of a few small church plays all through out my childhood, but "Love Wins" was my first actual major drama.

WOTW: Who do you play?

AW: I play the role of Mitzi Lewis.

WOTW: Tells us a little about Mitzi.

AW: Mitzi is a melodrmatic teenager whom everyone in the school hates. She thinks she is the best and she is not afraid to tell you that. Someone I would not want to make mad that's for sure! Mitzi has the attitude and the greater than thou self esteem, but at time you will see she is willing to stick up for her friends whenever she needs too.

WOTW: Do you think she's a bad person?

AW: I do not think Mitzi is a bad person. I just think she is not afraid to tell you how it is.That does not make someone a bad person, it is just simply their personality. So when you add in the fact that she is a teenage girl, full of drama, plus her strong personality...all of that equals one rude young lady!

WOTW: Did you have any challenges playing her?

AW: There are always some challenges when you are trying to master the charcter you have been given. For me it was just maintaing the "Mitzi" attitude. Sometimes being rude is harder than you think.

WOTW: What was one of your favorite scenes?

AW: I loved the entire play, but if I had to pick a favorite scene it would have to be the very last scene of the play. In this scene, you see what happens when you put all of your trust in God. No matter how hard things get, as long as you trust in the Lord you can make it through anything.

WOTW: Did you enjoy working with the cast?

AW: I loved working with the cast. Everyone was amazing and put so much time and effort into reassuring that we preformed to the best of our abilities. I would love to work with this amazing cast again. Having an amazing cast makes everything so much better. I am very privileged to have had the opportunity to work with everyone!

WOTW: What was your experience working within an ensemble?

AW: I throughly enjoyed being able to work with everyone. We all have such different personalities and things that make our acting different. When we brought all these factors together it pulled together an amazing play.

WOTW: Will we see anymore acting from you in future plays?

AW: I would love the chance to be a part of any future plays if the opportunity arises.

Thanks for you time Alex!

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